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be present, take it all in...

enjoy your love.

let us preserve it.

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the experience

Your Experience 

Seas Mtns Co

everyone has a love story.

We're in an age of Instagram and need images FAST. Let your guests know that they don't need to hop on their phones, we'll have a link to y'all during the reception so you can post that gorgeous wedding portrait on Insta.

we love sharing real love stories with real people.

Working that timeline to your benefit, we build in time for y'all to really ENJOY your wedding day. We often also use film and have honed in on intentional shooting — it's not a numbers game to us, we want true, real moments to shine in that gallery.

We build CONNECTION with our clients. Y'all are our fam, we want you to have the best experience possible on the best day of your life. With planning checklists, WhatsApp support, vetted Vendor Referrals and more we're here for you! We genuinely love this ish called love and we're here for it!



we're upbeat, & supportive.

we want you to enjoy your day, sit with those feelings, feel that wedding magic.

it's your wedding day — your dreams are ours.

we love travel.

the process

1. inquire.
2. complimentary consult call.
3. contract + retainer.
4. client questionnaire + timeline + family/friend shot list.

5. plan the engagement session.
6. do the engagement session!
7. gallery + video delivered.

8. timeline + story board + shot list finalized.
9. consult call to finalize.


11. before your wedding ends you get 40+ sneaks + a GIF
12. gallery + highlight + teaser videos delivered.
13. documentary cut delivered.
14. final consult call for feedback.

transparent + honest pricing;
no love is the same, no wedding is the same, why should pricing be the same?

we travel to 50+ locations a year spanning from the Florida coast to the Vermont/Canadian border and from Cape Cod all the way out to the Washington Coast.

Destinations are our jam. In season, we can average 2,000 miles driving each week, getting to know locations pretty intimately, especially given we've probably been there before.


we like things...




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We can't wait to 

Let's get to know one another. Don't forget to mention what you're looking forward to most on your wedding day!

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OWNER, LEAD creative //


They poured themself into creativity — shooting over 200 weddings in just 3 years. Back in the day, you know, when MySpace was a thing, Eli photographed countless high school garage bands and terrible emo portraits — heading over to Silvermine Art Guild for more technical training.

Having that technical foundation to now lean on, some 10 years later, was essential for their success. Seeing couples in love, real love, has continuously taught them about healthy, real love. 

Oh hey, that's Eli! What is up?!  Eli loves a solid dance floor, London Fogs, old film cameras, a good gratitude meditation, and tacos — ramen is nice too. 

Finding wedding photography meant finding love, healthy relationships, and pure bliss. Diving into the field, they continually pushes themself through personal/professional development.

/ˈiːlaɪ/ they/them

We loved working with Roberta and her husband Peter. Roberta can twerk like nobody's business with a full ball gown. She's my type of client and we had a BLAST! She went for the Vanity Fair, Vogue poses and threw down on the dance floor — there's not much more I can ask for.

our day wouldn't have been what it was."

"Without you

peter + roberta
Boston ma wedding

We drove up to Brianna & Doug's wedding in Jackson NH. Their wedding was small, & intimate, just the way we like it. Exploring the local area we were able to have a truly incredible experience for their private portraits.

images and an incredible experience."

"Absolutely stunning

brianna + Doug
jackson nh wedding

Lori's daughter married Steve on a beautiful fall day in 2018. The following year we met up in Orlando to shoot their anniversary shoot on their wedding day! As I continue to travel, I'll be able to hook up with them for anniversary sessions every year.

personable, creative!

"Energetic, fun,

lori mason
mother of the bride

Steph + Adam were the ideal, perfect match for us. Hoping for an intimate, forest wedding, with rain pouring down, we headed under a pavilion for their wedding.  I had been seeing this lace around most shops and absolutely loved it and low and behold Steph picked this exact lace to create her veil with. All the details were hand picked, and created from scratch by this gorgeous woman and I am still in aw of how in love the two of them are.  It's couples like these that teach me what true love looks like.

breathtaking moments!"

"They caught the

steph + adam

We cruised through an amazing location in NYC shooting their love all over the place. Their love is so energetic — it's something you feel when you're close to them. It's easy to capture, and absolutely a joy to feel and see.

super adventurous!"

"Easy to work with,

aldo + hubby