block island wedding

block island wedding

Serving you on the most important days, preserving that history, supporting you to be at ease with every click of the shutter - these are the things that make me happiest.  

Photography has been in my life for 15+ years, remember those awful high school days? I ran around with a camera following garage bands getting back stage tickets to Paramore and Taking Back Sunday because I knew the producer. I soon ditched that life for a career in EMS — yeah, your drunk friends got NOTHING on some of the ish I've seen. 

Being a queer person in recovery in the wedding world is an adventure. Yeah, I don't drink. That doesn't mean I won't egg you on, but you don't need to offer me a shot. Being in recovery is the fuel to my art, whether film, digital photography or videography.

Fast forward to today, I am grateful to be heading into year two of this crazy ass business. With that growth, I have chosen to give back to the same group of women who picked up when I was down. As a result a portion of your investment from every session and wedding are donated to non-profits that lift others out of domestic violence.

I'm Eli, like the boy's name.

oh hey there,

I live on Block Island. Yeup, you heard me, I live year round on a 3x7 mile island off the coast of Rhode Island. Living here means I know the ins and outs of the island — I'm a bit of a walking Block Island encyclopedia. With that knowledge, I can give you the best possible wedding experience on the island.
If I'm not on the mainland I'm out dreaming of a Block Island elopement near Black Rock.  
Find me sipping on kombucha at Persephone's to chat about your wedding day the next time your on island.

...but really, let me give you the skinny... 

Sending you that gallery FAST means you and your friends/fam can chill and focus on the moment.


You like innovative and new techniques — so do we.

let's play.

The Newport wedding venues Hotel Viking and Belle Mer are ideal settings for your special day. 

Our on block island ri, there are numerous venues that offer beautiful views and the perfect setting for rehearsal dinners and special events.
Kinney Bungalow, the Atlantic Resort and the Newport yacht club in Newport harbor are all incredible Rhode Island wedding venues.
There are numerous country charm, sunset farms and event spaces near Narragansett Bay Rhode Island. 

No matter where in the world you want to get married, we’re down for the wedding adventure. Whether you want an epic Block Island elopement or a blow out Brooklyn wedding, we’re ready for your special day. Book a room at our favorite Vermont hotel, the Edson Hill in Stowe Vermont, and want to climb up to Stowe Pinnacle or head to the Florida Keys and shoot on the beach at sunrise, we’re down for the adventure.

Block Island is our second home, a love that goes deep into Eli’s history. Growing up summering on the island, Eli spent a ton of time as a dock rat at Payne’s Dock and Ballard’s Dock. Getting fowler’s at Mohagany Shoal’s was a favorite Friday night activity, and dinner at Sushi Bob’s every Sunday when Eli lived on Block Island.

Eli knows the ins and outs of the island and all the secret beaches and special spots for your wedding portraits.

The Seas Mtns Co team works to support and care for you collaboratively at all times on your big day.  You'll be working with at least one of our photographers or videographers in addition to me, Eli.  There are six of us total and we split up coverage between us, this means that we work well together. I ensure that the team functions as seamlessly as possible so we're ready for any contingency.

the team.

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Our photographers and videographers are a group of independent creatives that have worked with Eli in the past.  Collectively, the 6 of us have shot over 600 weddings in a variety of locations and circumstances. From dimly lit hotel rooms, to mountain top elopements, we've encountered a handful of challenges and have delivered gorgeous wedding photos and video regardless.  All staff members understand off camera flash, and are provided free access to training and photography resources that I create.  Most importantly, we know how to have a bomb ass time no matter where in the world you say I do.

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