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education and support

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inclusivity audits


Eli will review your portfolio and put together the top 40 or 100 images for you keeping in mind your target audience, and curating an inclusive portfolio.

portfolio audits


Using a host of tools, Eli will provide an SEO audit of your website — noting where you're succeeding and what improvements could be made to rank better.

seo audits


From providing you with a framework for your blogging to providing inclusive blogging services on a monthly basis, Eli offers a variety of blogging services.

blogging services


About a week after your gallery has been delivered, we link up virtually to chat about what albums, prints, and more make sense. We take some time to celebrate and reminisce! You've had a chance to see your slideshow, gallery, and any videos you already ordered, and your vendor team is sent your wedding content!

inclusive posing 1:1


It's here! I arrive 2 nights before,  ready to go for your rehearsal + welcome party! I meet all of your friends while covering key events, and wake up best friends with your party people.  You get married + receive previews of your wedding weekend before I head off the afternoon after your wedding day.

6-week mentoring


Before your wedding, I meet with either your planner or you to do a walk through of your wedding venue. We decide where some of your portraits might happen, and you get to tell me all about your wedding dreams!

full-day intensive


We schedule a time about 2 months before your wedding day to chat about your wedding day dreams. Your planner might jump on this call too.  We go over your timeline, and goals in order to make sure you are wedding weekend ready!

Virtual mentoring


from $95

Whether you're looking for client galleries to be turned into income generating blogs (that double as added value), or you're looking to create some evergreen content, we have options for one post to monthly postings.

blogging services

from $75

Have you been looking for help with your website? Can't pick your favorite images? Don't know where to start with SEO? I got you boo! Let's chat, and figure out which direction works best for you.  If you are looking for an SEO audit, inclusivity audit, or a portfolio review, don't hesitate to reach out.


from $450

From a 2 hour virtual mentoring session to a 6-week coaching program, let's chat and give you some structure, a little guidance, and help you break the barriers in your business and mindset.  With a background in recovery coaching, I bring technical coaching skills and education to the table.


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Use this checklist to write your own blogs with SEO in mind. The checklist is a great tool to keep right next to you as you move through the blog — past folks have laminated and used white board markers to check off while writing. Others have just kept the PDF open while they work!

free blogging checklist


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