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...made easy. As a nationwide adventure elopement photographer we aim for you to have the best day. Whether you're looking to have that perfect Mount Rainier elopement or find a warm spot in the Sedona over the winter, we're ready and experienced to support you having the dreamy wedding day you've envisioned.

An elopement doesn't always have to be just the two of you — have an intimate wedding with friends and family. On the best day of your life, you should have all the control. Whether you're looking for an elopement and intimate wedding photographer, or just looking to figure out what would feel comfortable on your perfect day, we'd love to chat. We love a good national park elopement and offer adventure wedding elopement packages. No matter how you get married, you deserve to have your elopement photos professionally photographed.  If you've  decided to elope let's chat, and see what would be best on your big day.

From the Pacific Northwest to the Keys in Florida, we're game for an adventure anywhere, anytime.  We love sharing kind words, and helping you break the rules of a traditional wedding day to unlock the perfect intimate experience.  Your wedding day should be on your terms — let's help you create the perfect big day for you.  Adventure weddings don't just have to be long hikes, and lots of thrill — it can be an infinity tub overlooking the Pacific ocean, or a sailboat cruise on the Atlantic.

We've chatted with and worked with couples who've decided to elope — the biggest bonus they talk about is having their wedding day on their terms. Whether your wedding day happens in a National Park or your backyard, you should be in full control of your big day.  Intimate weddings mean more you — more personalization, more of doing whatever you want. Wedding photography for intimate weddings always feels and looks different — we're with you every step of the way supporting you to unlock your best wedding day.

Adventure weddings & elopements are an easy out to all the struggle of who to invite, and what to eat, and all the random questions that just don't *need* to be answered.  For those that decide to have adventure weddings & elopements you get to have the day that makes the most sense for you, at your pace.  As an adventure wedding photographer, we get to support you in fostering the big day that works for you.

adventure wedding days...

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taylor + gerry


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ADVENTURE ELOPEMENTS FOR THE Awkward turtles and Rule Breakers

We're the type of adventure wedding & elopement photographer that firmly believes in your right to get married how you want to. Whether you want no one listening to your vows and to have tacos in a hot tub after, or get married in your jeans, and run through a desert naked, who cares — we're in.

We're the type of photographers to help you plan every last piece of your epic adventure elopement, or we'll hop in with you and fly by the seat of our pants too!  No matter what, we location scout like mofo's — we've got plan b's, c's, d's, e's and f's (probably a few g's and h's too), just in case of rain, tourists, or just a not so cozy feeling with a spot.

We take our responsibility as your photographer pretty darn seriously. We'll make sure you have the best vendor referrals (a dope AirBnb too), support you with your timeline planning, location scouting, and more.  We're here to help you planning your dream elopement experience.

No matter who you chose as your wedding day photographer (we're it tho right?!) you deserve to look like a million bucks — and that comes from your experience with us on your day just as much as it comes from our talent and capacities.  You are an amazing beautiful couple, with an incredible love story that deserves it's moment in the spotlight (even if it's a private spotlight!).

Being a photographer, we're prepared for it all — snow, sleet, rain, surf, mist, difficult family members, dogs, alpacas, killer mosquitos, whatever. When you have the ultimate flexibility within your own day to change things when and how you want to, it's a breeze.  Highly recommend breaking all the rules, and only doing the things that make you happy.

We offer solely elopement photography coverage, and additional a la carte options for planning services, videography, and more.  Although we are based in New England, we travel often.

from paramedic school to adventure elopement photographer

Being a paramedic is a good job and a long journey. When it was clear my passions, my heart had gravitated elsewhere it came as a shock to just about everyone (and anyone).

It wasn't a lateral move or anything. It was a sheer jump across oceans, ...quite literally. 

I remember the call that ended it all for me — the moment I knew defined that paramedicine would end for me. That moment would also teach me how precious life is, and how important it is to live every day to the fullest.

It wasn't like a slow transition, months of waiting, but more like a fast snow ball careening into an avalanche. I went from just a measly three weddings booked to over 50 in under a year, while associate shooting under several other wedding photographers.

Weddings made sense, but elopements? Elopement photographer just felt like coming home.

it's like everything was leading me to this moment...

Studying art in elementary, middle, and high school at Silverman Art Guild, it seemed like art was always the destiny. I careened into education, hated it, moved into medicine, fell in love. ...but it wasn't 100% the one. Like a ring that only fits when your hand swells...

In all that, I traveled, I spent time bouncing around living in cars, and hiking mountains, camping for weeks on end, and living on farms for the summer. Those experiences gave me a grit that has helped me navigate the wilderness just about anywhere in the US.

I had these dreams of being an art studio owner on Block Island at 15, fantasizing about spending the afternoon with a paintbrush one hand and a Del's in the other.  I landed kind of close in 2020 — an art studio, that specializes in photography, and film development/processing.



how we elope

Let's get to the nitty gritty. Why do people elope? Gosh, there are so many questions like that and so many answers. Eloping is marriage on your terms.

Let's start with the why. The traditions of marriage aren't universal — weddings are just not a one size fits all sort of thing. Elopements are inherently personal, customizable, flexible — having an intimate elopement means you have the ultimate freedom to do whatever you want (without any unwanted opinions).

The how is easy: however you freaking want. Elope how you want. It's just that simple. There's no rules, the world is your oyster. Want to wear black? Want to eat tacos? Want to watch your favorite Patriots game, or just sit on the beach with mimosas — who cares, it's YOUR day.

We've put together a few different guides to help you figure out when and where is best for you to elope.  My first answer to each of those questions is always the same: where ever and whenever feels right in your gut, deep in your soul. Somewhere with personal connection, and intimacy, building a natural vulnerability.

But if you're stuck and just not sure where makes sense, here's a few of our favorite guides:


joshua tree


block island

white mountains

green mountains

new orleans

maine coast

big sur

salt lake city


death valley






ruby beach

hurricane ridge

mt rainier

olympic np


Here's some of our favorite places --> now if you want to go anywhere on the map with us, the travel fees are on us.

full day coverage, no hourly limit.

Online gallery with shareable link.

One photographer OR videographer.

Engagement Session

Custom Wedding Timeline + Print Release

No travel fees within the Northeast

Location scouting.


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Full Day Photo OR Video Coverage

full day photo + video coverage, no hourly limit.

Online gallery, highlight video + ceremony cut with shareable link.

One photographer and videographer.

Engagement Session + Save the Date Video

Custom Wedding Timeline + Print Release

Location scouting.

No travel fees within US.


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Full Day Photo + Video Coverage

full day coverage, no hourly limit, plus steamy session.,

Online gallery with shareable link + print release.

One photographer OR videographer.

Engagement Session.

Custom Wedding Timeline.

Location scouting + AirBnb/Vendor referrals.

Access to client closet for wedding wire + styling support.

No travel fees within US


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Photo OR Video Coverage + Planning Support

full day coverage, no hourly limit, plus steamy session.,

Online gallery with shareable link + print release + ceremony cut + highlight video.

One photographer + videographer.

Engagement + Save the Date Session.

Custom Wedding Timeline.

Location scouting + AirBnb/Vendor referrals.

Access to client closet for wedding wire + styling support.

No travel fees within US


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Photo + Video Coverage + Planning Support

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A la Carte Options

Steamy session on location at your elopement.


3-5 minute animation video from your elopement.


2-Hour engagement session at multiple locations.


Super 8mm 3-5 minute video add on.


Hourly photo OR video coverage for weddings/ elopements.


24-perfect announcement cards with an image of your elopement day.


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