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Block island and all the insider secrets

I know, wedding planning can be a LOT. You're not an expert, so why not elope?  Have an epic day somewhere meaningful to you as a couple or pick a stunning location you've never been to before. From mountaintops to the deck of a boat, the world is literally your oyster when you elope.

Eloping is the easiest way to get those rad photos without Aunt Karen trying to show you her iPhone version of the ceremony.  In fact, you'll be the only ones deciding what to do next on your wedding day.  We get to throw the rules out the window, and do what you want to do, when you want to do it.

We offer all-inclusive Block Island elopements year round.  The island is a treasure trove of beautiful ceremony locations and delicious food.

whether you're here to get married or have that summer vaca, let's preserve those experiences.

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"Eli put together our Block Island wedding — a small elopement on a location they recommended. Walking out onto the beach we knew instantly it was the spot. Eli went above and beyond and provided so much value, going to multiple hidden locations on Block Island that they knew all about.  We were able to get photos in locations that meant a lot to us and integrated important parts of our life. We couldn't have asked for a better day or a better Block Island wedding.

— Chelsea + Ed

"During our wedding, we went out for couple's portraits. Eli had set up a slideshow of images from the day and let it play — without announcing it. Within minutes, half the wedding watched and oo-ed and aa-ed. It was one of the best parts of our day."

- brandeana and seb 

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"Eli came down to take our engagement photos and DAMN it was a blast. Having them was like going on a date with a third wheel (+ a camera)."

- JP and JARED

from our couples...

"The delivery time was INSANE, totally helps that the photos are gorgeous as well. We're so grateful to Eli for taking our engagement photos!"

- Alex and steven

from our couples...

"Eli shot our wedding and we are so lucky to have had that experience. Always making us feel our best, confident and supported along the way."

- Jaella and javon

from our couples...

"Our engagement session was supposed to be at this one park and we toured LA instead. As soon as Eli saw the parking garage up we went and it was stunning. The views were absolutely perfect and an incredible backdrop for our engagement photos."

- kayla

from our couples...

"Our engagement and wedding photos represented US in all the ways. It was so nice to look back and see real moments versus canned poses or photos. We're so grateful Eli brought out authentic moments and made us feel safe to just be us."

- rachael

from our couples...

"STUNNING. First word that comes to mind and we are absolutely so happy with the end result. Eli was incredibly supportive and helpful on the day of which was this added bonus but we just can't get over our photos."

- Kirby

from our couples...

"No matter what, Eli was such a helpful person to have around on our wedding day. She knew how to bustle, and fix my veil, which was INCREDIBLE. The pictures were absolutely gorgeous and we couldn't be happier."

- laura

from our couples...

"I'm an awkward person, haha! I remember telling Eli that and being so unsure of this whole prospect. We are so happy with the outcome and how US it is. Our engagement photos are stunning and we are so happy to have met Eli."

- leah + cade

from our couples...

"Eli saw us walking down the sidewalk at Disney Springs and turned a sweet moment on a date into a small photo session. We felt so at ease with this random stranger taking our picture and the end result is SO GOOD!"

- brian and brandon

from our couples...

"The concept of preserving love is in Eli’s soul - that much is clear. Their gift manifests itself through photography - their talent is incredible. Each photo channels me back to the feelings I had in that very moment; their photos conjures the song that was playing, the tastes and smells of the moment and the love bursting in my heart."

- mike and melissa

from our couples...



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