Digital images on a memory card is all great and dandy, especially for the security of having multiple digital copies immediately from digital cameras, however, film is just such an art in comparison to digital photography. From choosing film stocks perfect for a wedding day, to hiring a film camera shutter clunk down as it takes an image, being a crew of analog wedding photographers just feels so different than the capacity to run and gun. Using film has taught me so much about intentional photography, and bringing art into a wedding day.

Having your negatives to hold onto is also pretty special. When requested we send you your negatives from your wedding day. Although they're all inverted often, you can still tell the details and you can always create art out of them.

We're hug fans of analog wedding photography and film wedding photography. Film is the perfect way to capture the imperfect. Whether you're going for a fine art look on mediums formats or some grungy 35mm film on a point and shoot, film is one of my favorite mediums for wedding day photography. I love film images when they come back from the scanner, full of grain and imperfections.

as told by a film photographer

why film wedding photography

Still photography isn't the only thing we offer in analog — through Super 8mm we offer film videography. Super 8 is one of our favorite mediums for wedding days — lending itself to candid moments and short clips. A romantic, nostalgia brewing film stock, Super 8 is filled with tons of grain, and light leaks.

We often love incorporating Super 8 into traditional videography, and also providing Super 8 services independently of digital videography. There's just something continuously unique and beautiful to film no matter what film stock you're working with.

super 8

I'm a big fan of taking polaroids of getting ready, the ceremony, portraits — shucks the whole darn day. Polaroids are such a nostalgic, emotion-driven format that offers unique results — especially when messing with expired film.


Medium format is often thought of as beautiful fine art photography. Let's just throw a Holga at that and make it a little different. Holga's are plastic toy cameras from the 1970's that create unique light leaks, and out of focus images. No two Holga images can be alike, no matter how hard you try.

medium format

We're huge fans of grungy 35mm film on wedding days. Counterintuitive I know, but 35mm invites imperfection while soft, fine art medium format tends to feel a little stuffy for my tastes. With both, you can do lots of multiple exposures, and have a blast with more artsy fun stuff versus the very polished fine art options on 120 and medium format. We're big fans of an AE-1 + flash for night portraits and dancing.


As film photographers, we have a few tried and true film stocks that we really love. With film photography, you need to be mindful and careful of the film stocks that you use — the ISO changes and the tones, and being intentional about both can lead to really gorgeous wedding photography. As a film shooter, one of our favorites is Psychadelic Blues and some random expired film just for the uniqueness that comes with the film stock. 

my favorite film stocks

A favorite black and white for the grain and romance of the film. A super quality film stock that's available in 35mm and 120. This film stock is incredible when expired and often gives a soft, creamy focus, with lots of beautiful grain. Available in both 35mm and 120.


One of my favorite experimental films, Psych Blues are a great addition to the wedding reception kit. Only available as a 35mm film stock, use with a point and shoot for rad reception shots, and portraits. The film is fogged by hand to create distortions in colors and tones.

Psychedelic Blues

A standard film stock for the fine art film photographers, Portra 160, 400, and 800 are typically used throughout a wedding day based on lighting and the environment. The film are perfect for SoCal weddings, and lots o photographers base their presets after these two film stocks. Remember that Kodak bases most of their skin tones on Kelly cards and you should do your research to understand how they impact darker skin tones. Both are available on 35mm and 120.

Portra 400 & 800

Both of these are a perfect film stock for a full day wedding. Use 800T for anything indoors, or at night, with 50D for outdoor shots as well. By using film stocks from the same company, the tones will match up perfectly with little to no correction. The colors and tones are some of my favorite and very true to life. The 800T is also a favorite in the film communities for neon lights at night, and shutter drags. Both are available on 35mm and 120.

cinestill 50D & 800T

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