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It is so important to create blog posts that educate, have multiple purposes and hit SEO ranks.  If you're sitting there like "ugh, but how?" I got you boo!  Prior to my life as a photographer, I was an SEO Copy Editor for The website is purely based on SEO — all of that content, thousands of articles, are meant to generate traffic for affiliate links. So the content had to be able to rank, and generate traffic. 

For photographers and wedding professionals, approaching blogging and Pinterest in an efficient way can lead to great results with minimal resources.  I tailor blog posts to tap into Pinterest-worthy and SEO ranking content, connecting your blog posts to keep folks navigating through your website. 

At the beginning of the month, we'll strategize what makes sense for your content for the month. I then research SEO terms, Pinterest content and map out a plan with outlines for you for the next month. From there, I write the blogs, add pictures, run them through analytic programs to ensure they'll rank for terms and generate traffic.  Once they're posted I Pin the images from the blog posts.

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