joshua tree weddings

Joshua Tree is one of our favorite, favorite places to adventure. It's kind of ironic — like an island, Joshua Tree is a little haven surrounded by desert in Southern California.  It's pretty rural, and remote — folks mostly living off wells, (including restaurants), and many off grid camps, it's a great place to unwind, and take a step back from the hustle of reality.  Joshua Tree is a magical magical place, filled with perfect little AirBnb's, and other places to stay, with lots of yummy restaurants, artists shops, and magical healers waiting to help you unwind, and reconnect with your boo thing.

how to get to Joshua tree

Getting to Joshua Tree can be a little tricky.  About a two and a half hour drive from San Diego and Los Angeles, there's one way in and one way out.  You can fly into either and snag a rental car (make sure you grab something that can handle lots of desert off roading), or hit Palm Springs and grab a rental there.  You'll likely pay up for the flight into Palm Springs — it's a smaller airport, but it's a much shorter drive if you're pressed for time or just don't want to deal with a drive after a flight.

Definitely check out the Visitor Center in Joshua Tree after your drive through Yucca Valley. There's tons of great swag there for weddings and elopements.  For your wedding day, I would definitely bring what you're going to need — although there's tons of stores in Yucca Valley and the high desert, you never know if there won't be something specific that you need.  

Joshua Tree elopements and intimate weddings are fantastic opportunities for family vacations or the start of annual traditions.  The Palm Desert and Yucca Brevifolia is such an incredible area — you don't need to stick to Joshua Tree National Park to have a blast, there's plenty of opportunities all over the area for adventure elopements and Joshua Tree weddings.

Whether you're getting married in a Joshua Tree Airbnb or Joshua Tree wedding venues, check out the rest of this page for more information about Joshua Tree.