Super 8 wedding films

Super 8mm film is something super special. As a wedding videographer being able to offer Super 8 films for your wedding day is a joy and a blessing! Wedding videography is something that should be treasured, and Super 8 just makes the content that much more nostalgic, and emotive.

Super 8 Wedding Films: Nostalgic Film for Your Wedding Day

We offer a few different wedding day packages on Super 8mm film: partial day coverage, and full-day coverage. The partial day typically looks like an hour before the ceremony till an hour after your cocktail hour, while full-day coverage typically starts a few hours before your ceremony to capture all the goodness of your getting ready process to the end of your reception. Pricing starts at $2500.

Super 8 Wedding Film Packages

 Super 8 isn't the only way to add film to your wedding day — there's plenty of options with film stills. Book a film photography package with us for your wedding day — choosing either 35mm or 120mm film for your day. You can add on film to your digital package or go exclusively 35 or 120 film.  

For your wedding reception, you can also add disposable cameras for your guests to snag all the candid moments you want to relive after your wedding day. Film packages start at $250 (for disposables), and clients spend an average of $3000 on their film photography package.

Adding Film to Your Wedding Day

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